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Due to the unique structure of frizzy, afro, or very curly hair, a hair transplant for this hair type requires special expertise. The hair roots under the skin have the same twisted structure as above the skin, which makes harvesting grafts with the FUE method more complicated. At we have extensive experience with this variant of the FUE method and we are ready to give you expert advice.

The complex nature of FUE hair
transplantation for frizzy hair.

De complexe aard van
FUE-haartransplantatie bij kroeshaar.

A FUE hair transplant for frizzy hair is a procedure that involves more complexity and therefore takes more time. As a result, the number of grafts that can be transplanted in one day is usually lower than with a standard FUE treatment.

With a FUT hair transplant for frizzy hair, it is possible to make a significant number of grafts available in one session by removing a skin strip with grafts from the back of the head. In practice, however, many people tend to opt for multiple, smaller FUE treatments due to the common disadvantages of an FUT procedure. In addition, it is crucial to be thoroughly informed about possible scar formation or keloid, which is common in frizzy skin.

FUE Frizzy Hair Transplant: Beneficial aspects and benefits

Thanks to the special characteristics of strong curly hair, the result of a treatment is often faster and fuller than with a standard FUE hair transplant. The natural curl ensures that the hair covers a larger area of ​​the skin compared to straight hair. This means that an excellent, opaque result can still be achieved with a lower number of grafts.

FUE Hair Transplant for Frizzy Hair at

Not every hair transplant clinic is skilled in performing FUE hair transplants for frizzy hair. Within the highly qualified medical team of there is considerable expertise in the field of this specific hair transplant. The success of this treatment largely depends on the experience of our medical team, especially in the area of ​​harvesting the grafts.

In the context of an informative and obligation-free consultation, we invite you to receive extensive information about the various options for undergoing this specialized treatment. During this consultation, we will provide an in-depth discussion of the procedure and be ready to answer any questions you may have regarding FUE hair transplants for frizzy hair.


At Istanbul Hair we have a unique specialization in Afro-Frizzy hair transplantation, with leading expertise in this field. Our specialized approach focuses on providing tailor-made solutions for people with Afro-Frizzy hair, aiming for natural and beautiful results. Trust Istanbul Hair for a unique hair transplant experience that meets the specific needs of afro frizzy hair.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Afro-Frizzy hair transplantation entail?

Afro-Frizzy hair transplant is a specialized hair transplant procedure designed for people with naturally frizzy hair. It involves harvesting and transplanting hair follicles with specific attention to the unique properties of frizzy hair.

Are hair transplants suitable for all hair types, including frizzy hair?

Yes, hair transplants are suitable for various hair types, including frizzy hair. At Istanbul Hair we apply specific techniques to achieve optimal results for Afro-Frizzy hair.

How does the approach for Afro Frizzy hair differ from other hair types?

The approach for Afro-Frizzy hair differs because the hair follicles have unique properties. Our specialists apply specialized techniques to maintain the natural appearance.

How long does recovery take after an Afro-Frizzy hair transplant?

Recovery times vary, but patients can generally resume normal activities within a few days. Follow Istanbul Hair's aftercare instructions for optimal recovery.

Can I style my Afro-Frizzy hair as I want after the transplant?

Yes, after complete recovery you can style your Afro Frizzy hair as desired. Istanbul Hair provides advice on best care practices for optimal results.

Are there specific risks associated with Afro-Frizzy hair transplantation?

Although complications are rare, there may be some risks, such as temporary swelling or redness. Our experienced team minimizes these risks by applying advanced techniques.

How long do the results of Afro-Frizzy hair transplant remain visible?

Although complications are rare, there may be some risks, such as temporary swelling or redness. Our experienced team minimizes these risks by applying advanced techniques.

Are hair transplants for Afro-Frizzy hair painful?

Hair transplants at Istanbul Hair are performed with careful attention to comfort. Patients usually experience minimal pain because we use advanced anesthetic techniques.